the samples posted here had to be moved, since access to them got out of hand!

here the stats of samples downloads:

      5 04/Apr/2011
      1 06/Apr/2011
      9 08/Apr/2011
     20 09/Apr/2011
     77 11/Apr/2011
    337 12/Apr/2011
    476 13/Apr/2011

so it happened that this server got on malware lists where it shouldn't:

if you would like the samples, please contact me at: -at-

118784 2011-04-01 15:01 HPZipm12L.dll
468992 2011-04-05 15:09 2A97AD.EXE

80156fd0bac681d1629e30924a95d00f  2A97AD.EXE
ced3103e366d2eeac145639b080b3426  HPZipm12L.dll

PS: if you're clever and really want the samples, try finding the comments on this page ;-)